Tyson TKO / Alvin Redd

kushcarebear said: i"m a huge fan of ur work! and I love the fact ur #TeamVirgo also cant wait to hear more music from you :)

Thank you for the support. My computer is down when I get it fixed
I will post more. Thank you

Anonymous said: How big is tyson tko dick

His dick is 8 1/2 - 9”

Anonymous said: You were on my smart phone during months travelling with me through the homophobic indian subcontinent, Thank you !

Lol thank you glad I could help lolol

reekyyyy said: What advice would you give to someone who wants to join the porn industry? p.s I LOVE YOU!!!!

Remember this is a business keep ya eyes on ya money. Ask questions before you sign that contract and get a copy, That is what binds you to that company. Thanks for the question

iheartshackeal said: Are you coming to london soon

Would love to come but not at this time

aspire4greatness said: I just had to say you sexy. I love ya videos and pix...everything from that face, that body, and that pretty ass dick, just on point 😍😍😍

Thank you appreicated

Anonymous said: When we going to see more porn from you??

Looking into that now

Anonymous said: When will you do another porn video

Looking for the right company to work with


Will do. Thanks for the love

Anonymous said: Would you ever come to the UK? Cos we got some hot booty here too ;)

Lol sure would love to get to London. Thank you

Anonymous said: You have no idea how much I love you. Nice ass, magnificent dick, sweet personality. I dream of the day you come to Fort Lauderdale so I can give you some of this 😘😉

Thank you

Hey fans it has been a while since I posted any music. I have 3 songs I will be posting soon. Love you fans.

Happy Father’s Day !!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

Doing what I do best.

Doing what I do best.